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KOLE Says:

KOLE Says:

"Welcome to Creature Conservation!"

Creature Conservation is dedicated to educating children of all ages about endangered animals .  Please click on the animal links below to go to the fact pages. 

Click here for games, videos and fun crafts and links.

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Vulnerable Endangered   Awesome Animals

pangolin Ground Pangolin facts
asiatic black bear facts
Asiatic Black Bear
African lion male African Lion Facts
African Lion
American crocodile snout American Crocodile facts
American Crocodile
snow leopard Snow leopard facts
Snow Leopard
indri lemur madagascar Indri Lemur facts
Indri Lemur
Asian elephant
Asian Elephant
Black Rhino facts
Black Rhino
Hawksbill sesa turtle facts
Hawksbill Sea Turtle
california condor head
California Condor
Amur Leopard on tree
Amur Leopard
Giant otter on tree
Giant Otter
Binturong on log
Whale Shark
Male Eastern Lowland Gorilla
Eastern Lowland Gorilla
axolotl face
Rockhopper Penguin face
Northern Rockhopper Penguin
African Wild Dog
African Wild Dog
Giant panda with bamboo
Giant Panda
Hammerhead Shark
Great Hammerhead Shark
Smiling Quokka
Siberian Tiger Face
Siberian Tiger
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